Holsby Metall AB

Whistle blowing

Whistleblowing services are of great importance to employers for several reasons, which together contribute to creating a more responsible, transparent and safe work environment.

  1. Identification of risks and problems: By encouraging whistle-blowing, we give our employees the opportunity to report irregularities or risks. This can mean that potential problems are identified early, reducing the risk of harm to the organization, its employees, customers, or the public.

  2. Improved compliance and internal control: Whistleblowing is an important tool to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. It helps us detect and remedy cases of violations of internal policies or external legal requirements, protecting the organization from fines, legal proceedings and damage to its reputation.

  3. Strengthened trust: By actively encouraging and protecting whistleblowers, we show that we value integrity and justice. This can lead to increased trust both internally among employees and externally among customers, investors and the public.