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Transfer processing

Transfer machining is the obvious choice when looking for a cost-effective production method for cutting machining.

Super short cycle times with transfer processing

Traditional machining means that a machine, usually CNC equipment, makes one moment at a time on the part. If several operations are required, this often means long cycle times with numerous tool changes. The alternative is transfer processing, which is significantly faster and more efficient!

The process

The blanks are placed in one or more processing fixtures which are sequentially fed in and processed at different stations in the machine. This means that several operations of the workpiece can be carried out simultaneously, for example drilling, milling and threading. When the blank becomes a finished detail, it is removed from the fixture and makes room for new blanks.

What you gain with transfer processing is above all time. For a part that requires three to four operations, the cycle time is approximately 60 seconds with traditional machining. In a transfer machine, the same processing takes between four and ten seconds. If you add processing at the same station, the time is still the same.

Figures that speak for themselves

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