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We process brass

Brass is a non-magnetic copper alloy, where copper is alloyed with zinc. There may be more alloying elements. Most commonly, brass consists of 65% copper and 35% zinc and can be cast as well as turned, milled and soldered. It can also be welded, but that is unusual. Because of its yellow-brown color, it can sometimes be confused with gold. Brass conducts current at 15 MS/m. It has a specific heat capacity of 377 J/kg. Poisson’s constant is 0.37. The melting point is 900–940 °C depending on the composition. It weighs 8400 to 8700 kilograms per cubic meter.

Holsby Metall offers hot pressing, turning and other machining in the most common brass alloys. Brass is advantageously used due to its ease of forging/hot pressing and its easy machining properties.

Occurring end-use areas

Plumbing eg connections to water pipes, elements etc
The automotive industry, eg gearbox details, nipples etc

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